Maria the butterfly lady!

Maria visited us on Thursday to tell us about Monarch caterpillars and butterflies. She has a website and a facebook page that gives you a lot more information about them too. In our learning spaces we are now watching lots of caterpillars munching away on the swan plants we have been given. Two of our butterflies hatched and flew away in the weekend and we have some very fat caterpillars that we think will be changing into a chrysalis soon. Come and see them. Her book is full of amazing facts - look on the website to find out how to order one if you would like to. butterflymusketeers https:// 2016/11/26/christchurch-school The Butterfly Musketeers  Protecting and raising awareness for the Monarch butterfly https://   

Eating kai on the deck

Whānau 3 making good choices - thumbs up! We know it is important to eat our kai politely and focus on the yummy taste of what we are putting in our mouths We sit in circles outside our whānau rooms and enjoy spending time talking to each other too. We say a Karakia kai before we start.

Fun with Mr Craig's students

I n the first two weeks of school, we spent some time getting to know other students at Mairehau. These boys are from Mr Craig's class and they taught us some games out on the field...can you guess what they were?